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Downloading to computer 

There are several ways to transfer from camera to computer:-

  1. Directly connect camera to computer via USB or Firewire

  2. Remove memory card from camera and insert in a card-reader

  3. Upload from another storage device via USB

The mechanism for transferring from camera or scanner to disk is normally the software supplied by the manufacturer. The important thing is where they are stored.

Here are 2 possibilities:-

1. By Date

Here, the date that the photograph was taken is prime, this information coming form the exif data embedded in the image header. At this folder level, the "as taken" image is stored, whether it is RAW or JPEG.

Below are store copies that have been treated or changed in some way, for example 3 In Progress would have images that are in the editing stage. Folder 4 Final edition may be more accurately described as 4 Prints. This is because, as described here, I think that all photos that survive to this point should be printed.

2. By Type

I started to develop this storage design to keep images of a given type together, but this made less sense as images from the same base are scattered. The only advantage of this design would be to keep together those images that are good enough to be displayed. However, provided that you keep track of what image is where with good image management software, there is no real advantage.


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