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Digital Photographic Workflow  

Grand title, can be complex but needs to be quite simple. It is about processes, checklists and to-do lists and not the detail of each step. So, the purpose is not to explain how to take, make or present an image, but how to keep track of:-

bulletWhat needs to be done
bulletWhere we are in the process and
bulletKeeping track of where photos are and how safe they are.
Three workflow (probably more)  
  1. Film:-
    Take the photo
    Take film to processing shop
    Collect prints
  2. Digital (1):-
    Take the photo
    take memory card to processing shop
    (includes uploading to printing web-site)
    collect prints
  3. Digital (2):-
    Take the photo
    upload to computer
    do the processing, editing
    make a backup
    do your own printing

I am not interested here in any other process than that for type 3. We will see that there is a need to think about a number of things to get some good results.

Sound like fun? - let's get started  

Flow Table

Flow Chart

The steps are also as in the navigation links on the top-left of this page.


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