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Well, you gotta have these:-

bulletImages on a memory card in JPEG, TIFF or RAW format. 
bulletA display, preferably CRT rather than LCD, with a colour profile conforming to international standards (International Color Consortium).
bulletA computer with lots of storage, CD &/or DVD recorder.

These things just make it easier:-

bulletSoftware, duly licensed, either free-ware, share-ware or wellyoutookmymoney-ware
bulletUnderstanding partner (this stuff can take hours!)
The Flow  
Download/Acquire Transfer from memory card
Review - 1st pass Remove rubbish
Convert RAW format CRW/CR2/NEF to DNG
Backup (1) External hard drive
Edit 1st pass - Convert from RAW Exposure/white balance to TIFF/JPG
Review - 2nd pass Clean out crap
Edit - 2nd pass Edit tiff/jpg images
Catalogue By keywords/category etc
Review - 3rd pass Delete dross
Backup Final External hard drive and CD/DVD
Reduce size For publishing on Web
Publish to web For public or private viewing
Print ...and put in album/shoebox


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