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Image Display

Calibration and Profiling  
Your prints probably donít look like they do on a computer monitor; you are seeing the results of the need to calibrate (or profile) both monitor and printer. It needs to be one of the first things to think about for both monitors and printers when what you saw in the viewfinder needs to be recaptured both on screen when editing and on paper after printing.


Monitor Calibration

Using software to calibrate displays will produce some variable results. If you &re using Adobe Photoshop V5 or later, then Adobe Gamma can be used.

Colorvision manufacture 2 types starting (as of September 2005) at $185.
Colorblinds Have ColorBlind Prove IT - more expensive (around $280+) and not suitable for LCD profiling, apparently.

Printer Profiling

As soon as I can get good enough information to accurately reflect what one needs to do to profile a printer, I will report it here!

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